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Thomian Gallery & Gifts

Nestled along the Delaware River in the quaint historic town of Phillipsburg, NJ. Thomian Gallery & Gifts offers a wonderful selection of eclectic and amazing gifts for you and your home...

Over 23 years ago, shop owner  Elaine Malcolm had an idea that transformed into Thomian Gallery & Gifts.  "For as long as I can remember, I loved to give. There‘s something about helping others, whether a friend or family. That personal connection is very important to me, and it’s what we strive for at Thomian Gallery & Gifts. We want to make giving gifts as enjoyable and fulfilling as receiving them. We want our customers to experience that magical Ah- hah! Moment when you spot one of our products and realize it’s exactly right for a friend or family member, or new neighbor." 


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Contact Us

We want the recipients to feel the love and care that went into selecting those gifts - and find the perfect place for them in their homes.


"Thank you, and I hope we can help our customers celebrate the joys of giving and receiving. Without you, that magic could not happen."

Thomian Gallery & Gifts

619 South Main Street
Phillipsburg, NJ. 08865

Elaine's Corner - Thoughts about my community

I want to take a moment to express my appreciation to all of my friends that offer Cruzuiends, old and new for checking in. It looks like summer is quickly approaching, as our worries about the pandemic are behind us. I miss seeing all my friends and making new ones at local events.


The holiday season went by quickly. The new year is trying to find an identity for itself. Looking ahead, there are established and new events planned for Phillipsburg that I am looking forward to attending. A standout organization is Norwescap. They offer a range of activities and programs for those who need services in our community.


Ole Town Festival is being held this year, returning to Walter's Park. What a fun way to kick-off the festival season that includes Music in the Park, Cruze nights on Tuesdays at Joe's Steak Shop, Pork Roll Palooza, and the recently created Railroad Festival, an immersive experience of our transportation history here in Phillipsburg. Fun for the whole family.


Thomian Gallery is an active member of the Phillipsburg Downtown Association, working to beautify our neighborhood. 


So if you see me out and about, please stop and say Hello!

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